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The 80in18 Challenge

The 80in18 Challenge

Take the #80in18 Park Challenge! The Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Department is challenging people to visit all 80 Sioux Falls parks in 2018. FAB is encouraging you to complete the challenge on your bicycle!

Each month of 2018, the Parks Dept. will release a set of 6 to 10 featured parks. FAB will attempt to ride to all the featured parks each month. As you can see in the pictures, the first 3 months of the year have been extra challenging.

Come join FAB as we go in search for parks. We will typically ride the morning of the second or third Saturday of each month. Keep an eye on our events page for the next ride.

Each ride is about 20 miles on various in town routes at a conversational pace. Expect to ride for about 3 hours. There is usually a 1/2 way stop, and an optional lunch stop at the end.

See you soon!