Nearly $7,000 for Trails Announced at SummerFest

Nearly $7,000 for Trails Announced at SummerFest

Nearly $7,000 for Trails Announced at SummerFest

We had a FABulous time at our SummerFest Picnic and quarterly meeting. The rain held off and we actually had a cool breeze blow through as we went through a couple items.

First, we reported that 379 participants were on the Sioux Falls Trail Challenge. Some participants donated cash that day to Falls Area Singletrack (FAST) and some donated online with their registrations. After all the calculations were done, we raised a huge total of $6871 for the new trails at Tuthill Park.  That number was pushed even higher as a couple checks from businesses and groups were given to FAST during the meeting. The Trail Challenge more than doubled our expectations for participation and fundraising. Nice job everybody!

Our President, Michael Chirstensen, spoke on the benefits of FAB membership and how together we can be the voice in our community. He introduced the 7 FAB committees, administration, membership, rides, events, community involvement, education, and government relations; and he encouraged members to become involved in these areas.

David Heinhold, our Ride Director, spoke about rides coming up this month and Art Holden, Communications Director, spoke on how the new website can connect members, provide information, and act as a communication tool for people seeking information on how they can get involved.

Members voted on the by-law change. The vote went in favor of changing the by-laws to read that renewal dates will be based on when you sign up, not Jan 1st every year.

It was a fun day to gather together and celebrate. We appreciate our members and looking forward to the 2nd half of the year!


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  1. Erickson, Jodi

    Says July 26, 2018 at 1:59 am

    Yea! Yea! Yea! Excited to meet more members as we keep growing. Congrats everybody and can’t wait to see all the fun that is planned for rest of 2018!

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