New West-Side Bike Trail Now Open

New West-Side Bike Trail Now Open

New West-Side Bike Trail Now Open

The Sioux Falls Parks Department and the City of Sioux Falls officially opened the new west side trail connection along the north bank of Skunk Creek. Mayor TenHaken, city officials and several FAB members and cyclists cut the ribbon during a ceremony Monday, August 13th.

FAB and all Sioux Falls trail users are excited for this new addition to our great trail system. Go ride it!

Below is the press release from the city.

New West-Side Bike Trail Connection Completed!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation announces that the new Bike Trail connection between Dunham Park and the Big Sioux River dam is complete and open for all trail users to enjoy.

With this additional 1.25 miles of trail development, Sioux Falls now has over 30 miles of uninterrupted paved trails where users never have to cross a City street, making the City’s Bike Trail system very safe and enjoyable as it meanders through 21 City parks adjacent to the Big Sioux River and Skunk Creek.

This new stretch of trail will provide neighborhoods a direct connection to the main trail loop between West 12th Street and West 41st Street. “This new trail will provide more than 40,000 residents who live west of I-29 with a much more convenient trail access point to the main loop,” said Tory Miedema, Park Development Specialist.

This project is funded through Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation’s capital improvement program and is a $450,000 investment in the citizens’ park and recreation system.

The general contractor for the project was Soukup Construction Inc.

Walking, jogging, and cycling are the most common uses of our trail system and offer many health benefits. Cycling is an exceptional aerobic workout that is easy on the joints. Cycling is also associated with improved cardiovascular fitness; cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

The benefits of trail use are not just physical. Trail activities have been proven to reduce stress, help eliminate depression, and boost confidence levels.

For more information on the Bike Trail and an interactive trail map, visit