Parking Lanes Serve a Dual Purpose

Parking Lanes Serve a Dual Purpose

Parking Lanes Serve a Dual Purpose

Parking lane painted along Phillips Ave. Parking lanes slow traffic and can double as a bike lane.

When local cyclist, Jolynn Petersen, noticed a safety issue in her neighborhood, she took action– and parking lanes* and simple traffic calming designs were a large part of the solution.

Petersen lives in the Garfield neighborhood bordered by Western, Kiwanis, 12th and 18th St. People were driving at alarming speeds through the neighborhood, but adding police speed carts and traditional speed limit signage didn’t seem to help.

Petersen and other members of The Garfield Neighborhood Association refused to give up, so they pushed the City to do more. Members of the Association had heard that painted shared parking and bike lanes together with speed limits painted directly onto the road, could have a significant impact on traffic speed. With a little nudging, the City agreed and painted most of the lines and speed limits within one year.

One of the most worrisome streets, however, was not to be painted because funding had run out. Petersen and the Association continued to put pressure on the City (Petersen even offered to cover the costs herself), and the City finally came through and completed all of the requested streets. Petersen reports that there has been a drastic reduction in speeding throughout the area and that the streets are much safer for everyone.

*Parking lanes are white lines that are painted approximately six feet from the curb. Drivers perceive the driving lane to be narrower and thus slow their speed. When cars are not parked, the lane can be used as a bike lane.

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